A cute little speckled Kakī chick standing upright on pebbles.

Conserving the Kakī

Learn more about the soon to be Bird of the Year and the work the Department of Conservation is doing to support the Kakī.

A corageous Kakī walking through a shallow grassy wetland.

Himantopus novaezelandiae

Learn about the Kakī's habitat, breeding, behaviour, food preferences, and how to spot them from the excellent team at nzbirdsonline.org.nz.

A corageous Kakī walking through the shallow water of a stone riverbed.

Come Birding With Pete

Watch Birding With Pete's awesome video about traveling to Mount Cook to hang with some Kakī.

A young Kakī with white under plumage stands in crystal clear water, its reflection as clear as day.

The Stilt Whānau

Learn more about the wider Stilt whanau and the challenges they face from the awesome team at Te Ara.

A drawn screenshot of what tinder for Kakī might look like from a sciblogs article.

Kakī Tinder

Check out this awesome Thesis in Three presentation by Stephanie Galla on Tinder for Kakī.

Have You Voted Yet? Come On!

Voting closes at 5pm on Sunday 10 November so do it now before it's too late. Let's get Kakī to spot tahi.